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Moissanite Diamond Necklace | 1 Carat | 100% Original Certified Lab Diamond | GRA Certified | Authenticity Guaranteed

Moissanite Diamond Necklace | 1 Carat | 100% Original Certified Lab Diamond | GRA Certified | Authenticity Guaranteed

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Lab diamonds are 100% Real Diamonds because they share the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as naturally mined diamonds. In fact, even professionals find it challenging to distinguish between the two. Our Diamonds are GRA-certified and come with a certificate of authenticity. We provide a lifelong warranty of authenticity.

What Makes Our Diamonds So Special, Yet Affordable?

Unlike the big diamond companies, we prioritize quality, transparency, and fair pricing. By avoiding unnecessary markups, we ensure that our customers receive the true value of their investment.

Our diamonds are exquisite yet affordable due to our commitment to ethical sourcing and the use of lab-grown diamonds. These lab diamonds are crafted with precision, sharing the same properties as diamonds sourced from the Earth. 

Traditional diamond mining has major ethical & environmental implications. By choosing our lab-grown diamonds, you not only get a stunning piece of jewelry but also contribute to a more sustainable and responsible industry.


  • Diamond: 1 Carat, Original Certified Lab Diamond
  • Craftsmanship: Exquisite and Durable, ensuring comfort and longevity
  • Chain Material: Premium 925 Sterling Silver with 18K White Gold Plating
  • Chain Length: Adjustable for a perfect fit

    Why Choose Our Moissanite Diamond Necklace:

    • Original Certified Lab Diamond: Each necklace boasts a 100% original certified lab diamond, radiating brilliance and fire.
    • Ethical Sourcing: We believe in responsible sourcing, ensuring that our diamonds are ethically and sustainably obtained.

    Care Instructions: To maintain the beauty of your Moissanite Diamond Necklace, avoid contact with harsh chemicals and store it in the provided jewelry box when not in use.

    Enhance Your Style, Sparkle with Confidence! Indulge in the allure of our Moissanite Diamond Necklace—a perfect blend of sophistication and ethical luxury. Order now and experience the brilliance that lasts a lifetime.

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